About Us

Ardyth & Jennifer have been performing and giving workshops for many years with their unique mix of harp and original songs. For a list of our favourite links, click here.

Ardyth Robinson and Jennifer Wyatt met more than a decade ago at a traditional Nova Scotia kitchen party and have been performing together ever since. Bringing their eclectic mix of harps, vocals, bass, percussion, whistles and original songs to audiences throughout the Maritime Provinces and into the New England States they have developed a unique style that combines elements of traditional music with the influence of jazz and contemporary songwriting. They have played at many premier folk festivals and concert venues, showcased in the Roots Room and songwriter's events at the East Coast Music Awards and at the Juno Fest in Halifax and they have been featured on many local radio and television programs. As they have travelled, their unique style has earned them critical acclaim within the music community and an ever-growing fan base in the Maritimes.

In November of 2006 Ardyth & Jennifer put the finishing touches on their latest CD, "Learn to Fly", which showcases a whole new set of original songs and some wonderful new arrangements. "Learn to Fly" explores their jazz roots with Hugh Sweeney on jazz trumpet in a couple of the tracks along with Pam Mason's gorgeous acoustic bass, Ken Shorley's artistic percussion, Troy MacGillivray's old fashioned fiddle and Glenn Coolen's Uillean Pipes, Irish flute and penny whistle. There's even one track with John Meir playing banjo amd Jim McCready on the blues harp. Like all of their CDs (Awakening 1998, Promise 2000, WinterFire 2002 and Spark 2004) Learn to Fly features clean, pure arrangements that allow the sound of the harps and voices to shine through.

Ardyth & Jennifer regularly tour at Christmas time with their annual “WinterFire” tour, and plans for this year´s tour began almost as soon as last year's tour finished. They have performed Christmas concerts with many fellow performers like Dave Gunning and John Gracie, and in 2006 they recorded a Christmas album with John Gracie entitled "Simply Christmas", which took them to new concert venues as they travelled with him to promote the album. In 2007 they will be performing with the Aeolian Singers and their Christmas concert will include the premier performance of four brand new choral arrangements by Jennifer for the occaision.

All of their past CDs, Awakening (1988), Promise (2000), WinterFire (2002) and the mini CD, Spark (2004) are still very much in demand, with an ever-expanding market opening up through internet sales and radio exposure. Learn To Fly (2006) has opened up a whole new world for them, bringing them to Ontario in November and gaining them exposure in the folk world through magazines like Penguin Eggs and through folk radio shows.

Ardyth & Jennifer are wonderful story tellers with a unique sound that explores the many possibilities of the folk harp. Their stage presentations are moving, lively journeys- come join them in their travels.

"Follow the wind to a place far away" ("Sorrow's End" from "Promise")